With over 65 years of combined wakeboarding knowledge in our quiver- There are no questions we can not answer from experience.  

Beginners and never evers love the fact that we will take the time to get them sized up properly. Contrary to what many may think, there is a lot more to buying a wakeboard than picking out the coolest graphic. Weight, height, boat you ride behind, foot size and shape, do you ever ride cable, are you the only one riding it? Our experienced sales team is here to make sure you get the exact board you want and need! We  pride ourselves on carrying the highest quality product available! Being a group of core wakeboarders, we value company's that support progress in the sport we love! This being said, we don't carry the big box store brands because we support these high quality company's that support wakeboarding.  

So what do you get when you buy a board from The Pro Shop at Seager Marine? To start, you get top of line personal assistance and customer service from people that know and love the sport! Our sales staff is here seven days a weak to answer any questions you may have. We value each and every one of our customers, and can offer so much more than online retailers through the personal relationships made with our professional sales staff.  Not sure how to get up?  We can explain it easily and you will have the whole family up and shredding in no time.  We even have some folks we can set you up with to do some private lessons.

Secondly, we are not here to sell you anything you do not want or need. If you buy a board here at Seager's, you will never be stuck riding something you don't like because of our "Seager Marine Ride Guaranty"! Unhappy with the board you took home? Just swing it back into the shop and we will insure that we find you a board that you LOVE!  Not only that- but almost every board goes out the door with a on land demo.

Advanced Riders will love the fact that we have high end boards on the wall.  We stock our shop wall to wall with the newest model year boards and boots, allowing riders to physically see there dream set up before buying it.  Touch and feel them- try them on- and heat mold them when you're ready!  And as always the "Seager Marine Ride Guaranty" applies.  Buy it.  Don't Like it? Bring it back within a reasonable amount of time and we will get you on your next choice.   Want to know why you are having a hard time grabbing your 360?  Or cant take it to 5?  Come bend our ear for a bit- we will get you on the right track.

The Seager Marine Community

When you buy a board from The Pro Shop at Seager Marine, you are also joining the involved community of water sports enthusiasts which our family is made up of. Along with product assistance, riding tips, and a friendly face to talk to, and of course the "Seager Marine Ride Guaranty", you are also invited to participate in our yearly on water events! In the past, these events have included demo days with professional riders, Monday night surf sessions on the newest Nautiques in stock, and wakeboard competitions. Every summer we are looking for new ways to promote water sports through connecting the local boating community!


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