Koal Power Tail 


MAP: $699.99

End Of Season Price: $489.99

The Powertail shape combines the stable aspects of a Longboard, the bottom turn drive of a Thruster, and the ability to air out like no other board you have ridden. There has never been a board with this much surface area in the tail for bigger airs off the top deck, but still has a quick rail to rail slayshyness (not really sure what that means) to it. Surfers looking for a stable shape that has the speed needed even with smaller boat wakes, and a must in the quiver for high end riders. Another reason to chase the endless summer.






Hex Shell - The Blender

MSRP: $829.99

OUR PRICE: $799.99! 


For 2016, we created a new shape called The Blender by combining several ingredients of our most popular models. Overall it rides similar to a Powertail - but comes with a sharper edge for a quicker reacting edge response. Now you have a new bucket list of tricks you can do on the water, or off the lip. A shape that can really hook up on rail when you want it to, yet has more surface area for that toes on the nose stability, and a super wide tail platform for effortless airs.




Koal w/ Technora - Thruster

MSRP: $709.99

OUR PRICE: $679.99!

Whether you are looking for more drive up the face of the wake, or added glide as you learn to ride without a rope - this is the fastest and hardest charging line of boards we have created in our many swells of producing high end surfers. Thought you knew what a wakesurfer was capable of? This electric Thruster is hands down the most responsive surfer we have ever tested. Need more bite in your bottom turn with a quicker release off the peak? This stealth creation comes with 10 adjustable fin slots and enough fins for over a hundred different customizable combinations. This speedy squash tail  deck was conceptualized by a legend who grew up switching between salt and freshwater carves - Parks Bonifay.





MSRP: $709.99

OUR PRICE: $679.99! 

Combining the skate like feel of a skimboard with the rail design of a classic surf board - hand wrapped in our new responsive Technora material. Experience easier shove-its from this skate inspired profile and concave top deck. Designed to be ridden both switch and regular with a semi twin outline, a machined pad covering the entire top deck with tip and tail fins. Thinner profiled than most of our surfers, this lighter/dished out surf constructed deck has more of a lively feel on the water, making it easier to link your favorite skate tricks behind the swim deck. The only crossover board in our line blending a looser feel for easier 360’s with attributes of a traditional surfer.

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